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Digital Content Creation

Aexraex | The Pioneer

Digital Content Creation

As a digital content creator and media designer I realize under the name »Aexraex | The Pioneer« own digital projects and I also work as a freelancer for small to medium-sized businesses.

My job as digital content creator fills me up a lot and I really enjoy working on new concepts and thinking about how to convince people of projects and new ideas. I associate marketing and digital content creation with design and, in my eyes, I am breaking new ground and for that reason I am unconventional and different.

My particular strengths lie in the composition and design of (audio) visual advertising material and in the creation of marketing communication concepts and social media marketing plans. My job as digital content creator covers several areas of responsibilities. This includes:

social media management,
community management,
content management,
web design,
video editing,
electronic music
motion design.

What do you think of the idea of being part of a new community? Surely you want!
Now go to »« and join as a new member of

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Since I am the maker of this community, I am there every day.
Meet new interesting personalities.
Pioneer People

Eleven | Pioneer People

Pioneer People like new friends

» | Pioneer People«is a free community for ladies and gentlemen who want to meet new interesting personalities in their area.

We are all different, but we are all the same in an amazing way. We all like people who stand by us and understand each other. However, each one is unique in its own way and each one of us has something that makes him special. You are a pioneer in what you are, what you think and do. We are curious about you and be with us in the forefront. You are a pioneer!

Be individual in your own way and get to know interesting personalities on » | Pioneer People« and become part of a growing community. You decide where to go on Meet other people with respect and curiosity and you will see that you will receive the same.

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Shredded Men | Aesthetics of Athletics
Shredded Men | Aesthetics of Athletics

Fitness | Bodybuilding | Lifestyle

»Shredded Men | Aesthetics of Athletics« is a fitness and art project. Discipline, training, stamina and a beautiful body are the prerequisites for attending »Shredded Men | Aesthetics of Athletics«.

The athletes proudly show their muscular and defined bodies, which they have achieved through hard training. The achievements of the athletes are artistically represented in pictures and you learn more about the individual athletes.

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Aexraex | Electronic Music
Aexraex | Electronic Music

Deep House | Minimal | Chillhouse

As Aexraex I dedicate myself with »Aexraex | Electronic Music« to electronic music and I experiment with various electronic music genres. For this I produce my own musical pieces and bring them to life in music videos.

Deep House, Minimal and Chillhouse are the favorite styles of »Aexraex | Electronic Music«.

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Men of Soccer | Aesthetics of Athletics

Instagram Stories

»Men of Soccer | Aesthetics of Athletics« is a football and art project.

»Men of Soccer« has set itself the task of highlighting the aesthetics of football, but above all the football player’s aesthetics through images, videos and snapshots. It is the individual players who use their bodies, their technique and their essence to turn a football game into a work of art. The footballer is not just an aesthetic athlete, but a fighter and an artist.

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Aexraex | Electronic Music • Deep House | Minimal | Chillhouse Aexraex | The Pioneer • Digital Content Creation Aexraex | Artist of Attila Cavus • Digital Content Creation and Electronic Music